Get Motorcoachified

Campaign Will Get Your Fleet Noticed!

Their flexible, modular design enables operators to incorporate their own brand colors & identity alongside the campaign graphics and call to action.

Regardless of which campaign vehicle graphics you choose, ‘Rolling Billboards’ are effective...they make travelers stop and think. The more often the campaign vehicle wraps are seen on the roads, the sooner North Americans will shift their perception of motorcoach travel and respond to our industry’s outreach.

The I RIDE campaign graphics: The I RIDE ads portray a diverse array of passengers onboard motorcoaches, utilizing the modern amenities that appeal to them most. Our team feels the campaign will be a great success, as travelers can not only identify with one or more personalities in the ads, but will likely appreciate these endorsements from folks like themselves – that it was a positive, safe, clean, comfortable, luxurious, reliable, productive and on time experience – and it represented a good value. And this is precisely why they ride! Click here to check out the I RIDE bus wrap designs now.

The Get Motorcoachified graphics: To be “Motorcoachified” is to personally witness the comfort, convenience, efficiency, luxury, productivity, reliability and modern amenities only a motorcoach can provide, and to then be transformed by the positive experience! The Get Motorcoachified campaign’s bold, attention-grabbing graphics and catchy phrases are designed to amuse, intrigue and actually help travelers understand why they should choose motorcoach travel. The campaign’s short, snappy slogans were designed to be read at high speeds while driving, and rise above the clutter of advertising consumers see each day. Click here to check out the Get Motorcoachified bus wrap designs now.


Operator Tool Box

toolbox Want to increase your exposure in local markets? You will not want to miss this. The "Operator Tool Box" is under construction. You will be amazed at what we have in store!

Smart Moves

Smart MovesNorth America makes the Smart Move - Motorcoach Industry Now Has A Global Image Campaign! Motorcoach Marketing Council partners with IRU and Busworld to promote safe, green, efficient, user-friendly and affordable bus and coach transportation worldwide.

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Industry Support Campaign

Who We Are

The Motorcoach Council is a non-political coalition of motorcoach operators, associations, manufacturers, suppliers and travel / tourism friends pulling together for the betterment of the industry as a whole, thus creating increased public awareness and use of coach transportation.

Common Goals

Because we share common goals to get people out of their cars, and to educate the public about the usage, selection and benefits of motorcoach transportation, we therefore support our partners (manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, operators, associations) in this public interest campaign designed to reach the traveling public with our messages and increase ridership. 
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